How to be a rockstar in AngularJS


I got an email from a developer who asked me ressources about AngularJS and I think many developers are lost about this wonderful framework, so this is a post for that purpose.

At first, you need to check the official tutorial. If you already read it, do it again to refresh you the basics.

One thing that developers don’t do a lot is to reading the documentation just out of curiosity. Check all the possibilities that the framework gives you before starting to do it by your own.

After, read these posts from Nettuts (subscribe to their RSS, they write very good tutorials) : 

Next step, check this tutorial from Christophe Coenraets (this guy is an excellent source for frontend devs) :

When you end it, you MUST watch all the videos from Thanks John Lindquist for that. It will explain precisely all the AngularJS features.

AngularUI is a great library which provide many directives. It’s a good way to learn how they did to use external (jQuery or Google Maps for example) plugins.

If you prefer to read presentations, the best are from Pascal Precht (he also wrote some notes).

I can’t recommand a book because the one I heard about it has many bad comments.

Finally, to continue to improve yourself, my advices are to keep reading posts about it (I share a lot on my Google+), check the code of projects on Github.

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